these are exciting times at traver idc!!!

These are exciting times at Traver IDC!!!

Welcome to Jack's Corner! Hopefully, I'll be able to keep this interesting enough to get you to come back again and again. 2008 has been a really exciting time here at Traver IDC.

After working with Jack C. and others from Connstep for over a year, we put the finishing touches on our 5 year Marketing Plan late in 2007. We set a lofty goal to double the size of the company in 3-5 years, all the while improving our level of customer service to all of you. 2007 was a record year thanks to all the hard work and dedication by everyone here at Traver IDC and we're well on our way.

Well, finally our new website has arrived. Thanks to Charlie, Julee and all the great people at Worx Group for all their help. It only took us 70 years but I think we finally got it right. That's right, it's our 70th anniversary this year. I wonder if my grandfather had any idea that we'd still be grinding it out when he left Scovill and started his own motor repair shop right in the middle of the depression, back in 1938.

Another cool thing in 2008 - we've begun our lean journey. Tom and Fred from Leanovations and Ron, our internal Lean champion have pushed us hard and basically turned the whole place on it's ear as we've made it through our 1st 3 Kaizen events. Everybody here is psyched with the amazing progress and we're looking forward to having you, our customers, come visit us and see what we're up to.

That's all for now. I'll be back soon.