Donham Craft

Energy Efficiency

Donham Craft is an electroplating manufacturing firm located in Naugatuck, CT. They employ 66 people. They have been in business for 62 years.

We recently completed an energy upgrade of their facility. Pat Hayden, President of Donham Craft stated, “ Without the opportunity to receive the $80,000 of rebate dollars and the 0% loan, we wouldn’t have funds available to upgrade to more environmentally friendly equipment and realize the savings that helps us cope with other tax increases and rising cost of doing business.”

The scope of the project included replacing 217 inefficient electric motors with premium efficiency motors; upgrading/replacing 318 light fixtures with efficient lighting; and installing 8 variable frequency drives and premium efficiency motors on variable torque applications to provide a more efficient means of flow control than what existed.

This project utilized $80,000 of Conservation and Load Management Fund rebates and a 0% loan of $98,923 also made possible by the Conservation Fund.

The project created 312,116 KWH reduction per year and 5,131,155 KWH reduction over the lifetime of the project, enough to provide electricity to 667 homes for one year.

The project is providing the following GREEN environmental benefit: 6,409,279 lbs of reduced CO2 emissions, 10,766 lbs of reduced SO2 emissions, and 3,970 lbs of reduced NOx emissions. In addition, 2566 tons of coal are not being burned and 339,356 gallons of oil are not being burned.

The project is providing Donham Craft with approximately $53,000 in annual savings in their electric bill and maintenance costs providing valuable relief to their bottom line.