Mirror Polishing and Plating

Energy Efficiency

Mirror Polishing and Plating is a chrome plating manufacturing firm located in Waterbury, CT. They employ 50 people. They have been in business for 52 years.

mirror-polishing-and-plating-motor.jpgWe completed an energy upgrade of their facility. Rich Dupont, Vice President / General Manager of Mirror Polishing and Plating has been very excited about the project since the design stages and MPP is now receiving the full economic benefit of Baldor Super E Premium Efficiency Motorthe project. He states, “ Connecticut is a tough place to grow your business.  The assistance we receive by way of the CT Conservation and Load Management Fund, allows us to upgrade equipment and facilities. These upgrades improve efficiency, which helps to offset the rising costs of taxation, insurance, energy, labor and regulations.  Our ability to compete in national and global markets continues to be compromised.  The 50 people we employ in Waterbury touch the lives of millions around the world through the products we produce. ”

The scope of the project included replacing 13 inefficient electric motors with premium efficiency motors; upgrading/replacing320 Watt Pulse Start Metal Halide Fixtures 288 light fixtures with efficient lighting; installing 10 variable frequency drives and motors on production equipment in place of existing less efficient means of speed control and installing 4 variable frequency drives and premium efficiency motors on variable torque applications to provide a more efficient means of flow control than what existed.

mirror-polishing-and-plating-lights.jpgThis project utilized $85,000 of Conservation and Load Management Fund rebates and a 0% loan of $90,552 also made possible by the Conservation Fund.

The project created 371,915 KWH reduction per year and 5,561,540 KWH reduction over the lifetime of the project, enough to provide electricity to 723 homes for one year.

The project is providing the following GREEN environmental benefit: 6,946,869 lbs of reduced CO2 emissions, 1,669 lbs of reduced SO2 emissions, and 4,303 lbs of reduced NOx emissions. In addition, 2781 tons of coal are not being burned, or 367,820 gallons of oil are not being burned.

The project is providing Mirror Polishing and Plating with approximately $59,000 in annual savings in their electric bill and maintenance costs helping them to continue to compete in a difficult economic climate.