Helping Water and Waste Facilities Be Prepared When Nature Strikes

Traver IDC works with Water and Waste operators throughout the region to keep their facilities Up and Runnin®. We repair and overhaul motors and pumps, retrofit variable frequency drives, troubleshoot emergencies, and provide preventative maintenance on existing systems. We supply the industry with severe-duty Induction Motors, Trap Filters, Solid State Starters and Brush Grounding Kits. Plus we save our customers thousands of dollars each year in energy costs by replacing inefficient motors, pumps and drives.

Veolia2.jpgWe do it all. And that's why customers such as Veolia Water in New London trust Traver. When Hurricane Irene struck Connecticut last year, we helped our friends at Veolia weather the storm.

With Irene on her way up the East Coast, Veolia called Traver IDC. We sent a specialized technician to New London, to be on site when the storm hit. "He didn't even have time for a coffee break," said Peter Vetter at Veolia. As the coastal storm surge and heavy rains dumped more and more water, Veolia's pumps and motors were working overtime—and so were we. Our technician, Dave Lago, helped keep 12 pump stations operating across two separate facilities. 

With one of the pump stations at risk of going down, they brought in a portable generator and Dave was able to bypass failed controls to keep the station running. When they lost a main generator, Dave was there to help install a replacement generator brought in by the Coast Guard!  After many long hours, Dave finally got a break when we sent another technician to relieve him. Altogether, we put in nearly 24 hours of continuous service.

"Having a devoted electrician with a unique set of skills on site made an emergency situation much more manageable," said Vetter. "It made all the difference."

Following the storm, Veolia was recognized by the New London Water and Water Pollution Control Authority for its pro-active storm preparedness, and Traver IDC couldn't be prouder of the role we played. While we strengthen and expand relationships with existing customers, we're continuing to increase our capacity to further serve the needs of this unique industry.

Contact: Dave Dispoto, Engineering, Service & Automation Manager