Industrial Engineering

Engineering Solutions for Any Industry

Traver IDC is the single source for all your electrical engineering needs. With decades of experience and the latest technology, our team can solve your process and manufacturing challenges, design and develop efficient infrastructures, and maximize facility spaces. Our engineering services include infrared testing, designing and building complex control panels, preventative maintenance, and more.

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Traver_IDC-Engineering-icon-01.pngInfrared Testing

Our certified infrared technicians are also licensed electricians. We don't just generate reports– we identify the opportunities to make necessary repairs that will keep your facility safe and productive.

Infrared testing clients include:

  • Durham Mfg.
  • Mohawk
  • Specialty Printing
  • United Water

Traver_IDC-Engineering-icon-02.pngElectrical and Mechanical Service

The Traver IDC electrical and mechanical service staff has the capability to serve any industry– in Connecticut and beyond! Utilizing state of the art technology, our team can perform a variety of services in-house or at your facility.

Electrical and Mechanical Services include:

  • Dynamic Balancing to 2500 lbs.
  • Laser Alignment

Traver_IDC-Engineering-icon-03.pngPreventative Maintenance

The Traver IDC preventative maintenance staff solves electrical problems before they arise. We’ll perform a variety of audits and analysis to detect potential issues and work to resolve them, minimizing downtime.

Preventative Maintenance Services include:

  • Drive PM Service
  • Fuse Audits
  • Motor Management Programs
  • Motor PM Service
  • Power Factor PM Service
  • Vibration Analysis

Traver_IDC-Engineering-icon-04.pngElectrical Systems Integration

From engineering plans and layouts to designing and building panels, our expert team can take electrical systems projects from start to finish.

Electrical Systems Integration Services include:

  • CAD Drawings
  • Engineering and Layout
  • Installation and Startup
  • Panel Building
  • PLC and PC Based Systems
  • Software Written and Installed
  • Turnkey Packages

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