Electric Motor Mechanic

Traver IDC, a world-class supplier of electrical apparatus and service located in Waterbury, CT is seeking a full-time, experienced Electric Motor Mechanic to join our team. 

  • Responsibilities of the Motor Mechanic include, but are not limited to: 
  • Disassemble defective equipment so that repairs can be made 
  • Inspect and test equipment in order to locate damage or worn parts and diagnose malfunctions or read work orders or schematic drawings to determine required repairs 
  • Repair and rebuild defective mechanical parts in electric motors, generators, and related equipment, using hand tools and power tools 
  • Measure revolutions per minute (rpm), amperage, and voltage of units or parts to diagnose problems, using ammeters, voltmeters, meggers, and other testing devices 
  • Scrape and clean units or parts, using cleaning solvents and equipment 
  • Inspect electrical connections, wiring, and relays following wiring diagrams 
  • Weld, braze, or solder electrical connections 
  • Reassemble repaired electric motors to specified requirements and ratings, using hand tools and electrical meters 
  • Assemble electrical parts such as pumps, motors, starting devices, and switches following schematic drawings and using hand, machine, and power tools 
  • Remove and replace defective parts such as coil leads, carbon brushes, and wires, using soldering equipment 
  • Clean electrical connections using scrapers, steam, water, emery cloths, power grinders 
  • Cut and form insulation, and insert insulation into armature, rotor, or stator slots 
  • Rewind coils on cores in slots, or make replacement coils, using coil-winding machines 

The ideal candidate will have at least 5 years of experience as a Motor Mechanic, extensive knowledge of electric motors, experience with various power tools, hand tools, and gauges, and the ability to read schematic drawings. 

If you are interested in joining a team-based organization with an excellent reputation for developing talented individuals, then we want to hear from you! Please fill out the application below.