energy efficiency

Energy Conservation Services

Improve Energy Efficiency & Reduce Facility Costs

Traver IDC has been helping companies reduce their energy consumption and energy costs for over 10 years. We help you reduce the amount of energy your facility consumes, lower maintenance costs, improve plant productivity and minimize your carbon footprint. Our engineering staff has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industrial field and can develop a custom program to make your facility energy efficient.

Energy Conservation Services Include:

Traver_IDC-Energy-Efficiency-icon--01.png Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades

Lighting examination, including exit and emergency lighting, to provide more energy-efficient fixtures that will reduce energy consumption without sacrificing lumens.

Traver_IDC-Energy-Efficiency-icon-02.png Energy Efficient Motor Upgrades

Analysis of your existing standard efficiency motors and replacement of them with premium efficiency motors, improving performance and lowering energy usage.

Traver_IDC-Energy-Efficiency-icon-03.png Energy Efficient Transformer Upgrades

Existing transformers are inspected and replaced with energy-efficient models, saving you money and reducing power consumption.

Traver_IDC-Energy-Efficiency-icon-04.png Facility Efficiency Studies

Power studies are conducted to determine power factors, harmonics, and other power quality issues to make the necessary recommendations that improve power quality.

Traver_IDC-Energy-Efficiency-icon-05.png Occupancy Sensors

Installation of occupancy sensors help to reduce energy consumption by turning on the lights when you enter a room and turning them off after you leave (with a built-in delay).

Traver_IDC-Energy-Efficiency-icon-06.png Variable Frequency Drives

Inspection of variable speed applications currently being controlled by either an "Overdrive" or an Eddy Current unit, and conversion to a Premium Efficiency Motor and a Variable Frequency Drive, thereby conserving energy.

Why Do An Energy Upgrade With Traver IDC?

During an energy efficiency upgrade, Traver IDC technicians will provide full product installation and engineering allowing a "hands-off" experience for the customer. All of the products we install have the highest efficiencies available, with the longest life possible and the longest factory warranties allowing for the lowest environmental impact. All PCB ballasts and lamps will be properly recycled, ensuring environmentally-friendly disposal. Through grants and loans from the CT Energy Efficiency Fund, companies can drastically reduce monthly energy expenses with little to no out of pocket investment.

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