energy efficiency

Traver IDC has been helping companies reduce their energy consumption and energy costs for over 10 years. Through grants and loans from the CT Energy Efficiency Fund, administered by United Illuminating and Northeast Utilities (CL&P), companies can drastically reduce monthly energy expenses with little to no out of pocket investment.

Our engineering staff has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industrial field and can develop a program to make your facility energy efficient.

The Traver IDC Energy Conservation Services Include:

  • Computer Monitor Upgrades
  • Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades
  • Energy Efficient Motor Upgrades
  • Energy Efficient Transformer Upgrades
  • Facility Efficiency Studies
  • L.E.D Exit Signs
  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Variable Frequency Drives

One of the largest growing segments of our business is exploding due to the rapidly increasing cost of electrical energy. We have worked on many projects helping customers reduce the amount of energy they consume, reduce their maintenance costs, improve their plant productivity and provide tremendous environmental benefits.

In 2007 alone, we helped our customers receive over $600,000 in rebates. These rebates were more than 57% of the total project costs. These projects alone will save over 24,000,000 lifetime KWH. This will equate to 12,477 tons of coal not burned, 1,650,378 gallons of oil not burned, and enough savings to provide energy for 3244 homes for a year.


  1. High cost of electrical energy.
  2. Substantial utility rebates and incentives for making your facility more efficient.
  3. New equipment with long factory warranties and reduced maintenance costs.
  4. Efficiency projects can yield a positive cash flow.
  5. Monthly electrical and maintenance savings may exceed monthly loan payment.
  6. Significant environmental benefits.


  1. OUR EXPERIENCE in the industrial field allows us to identify inefficient products in the plant that if upgraded can save on energy cost during operation (i've motors, drives, transformers, lighting, occupancy sensors, etc.).
  2. OUR KNOWLEDGE of the incentive and loan process under CL&P and IU. We will provide all documentation, reports, engineering and financial data, as required to obtain incentive and loan dollars under CL&P and IU processes.
  3. TURNKEY SOLUTION. We will provide full product installation and engineering allowing a "hands off" experience for the customer.
  4. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. All PB Ballast and Lamps will be properly recycled by Traver IDC. All the products we install are the very highest efficiencies available with the longest life possible and the longest factory warranties making possible the greatest environmental impact.

Top 5 Tactics to Maximize Benefits and Minimize Costs

  • Reduce electrical demand in your facility by converting to more efficient equipment.
    • Lighting Conversion Upgrades - We'll look at your existing lighting and provide more energy efficient lighting that will not sacrifice lumens.
    • Premium Efficiency Motor Upgrades - We'll look at your existing Standard Efficiency motors and replace them with Premium Efficiency motors.
    • Variable Speed Drive Upgrades - We'll look at your variable speed applications currently being controlled by either a "Overdrive" or an Eddy Current unit, and convert them to a Premium Efficiency Motor and a Variable Frequency Drive, thereby conserving energy.
    • Fan and Pump Applications - We'll incorporate more efficient means of flow control than existing mechanical means.
  • Reduce consumption by reducing hours with appropriate technology.
    • Occupancy Sensor Installations - We will install Sensors that will turn on the lights when you enter a room, and then turn them off after you leave (with a delay built in).
  • Understand and improve your Power Factor.
    • Power Factor is the ratio of working power to apparent power. It measures how effectively electrical power is being used. Industrial companies that have a lot of inductive load (Motors) may have bad power factor, thus utilizing more ampacity than needed to get work done.
    • We provide and install products that bring your "bad power factor" to an acceptable level thus reducing your demand charges if you are on KVA billing.
  • Take advantage of Utility loans, incentives, rebates and energy assistance programs.
    • Rebates - If a project qualifies, CL&P or UI will provide a substantial rebate to minimize your initial cost of installation.
    • Utility Loans - In certain conditions, CL&P or UI will provide an interest free loan on the balance of the project cost to provide further incentive to move forward with an upgrade.
  • Understand your electricity consumption patterns
    • Traver IDC has the capabilities to do a power study looking to determine power factor, harmonics and other power quality issues and make the necessary recommendations to improve power quality and in fact implement these recommendations if need be.

Some of our Traver IDC Energy Conservation Clients include:

  • Arkema, Inc.
  • Rexam Dispensing Systems
  • Waterbury Plating
  • Stanley Corp - Access Division
  • Mirror Polishing &Plating
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Erickson Metals
  • Smurfit Stone Container
  • Curtis Packaging
  • Plymouth Spring
  • GEM Manufacturing
  • Albert Brothers
  • Somers Thin Strip
  • Windsor Stevens
  • Demsey Manufacturing
  • National Die
  • Donham Craft
  • Kanthal
  • Braxton Manufacturing
  • Kohler Mix
  • Watertown Plastics
  • Philson