Traver IDC specializes in the medical and related health care industries. We have provided specialized products and services to over 65 accounts in this industry. This market is growing at a 5 to 6% rate. Generic drugs and biotechnology and specialist-initiated products are expected to outperform the overall market in the future. Medical companies increasingly develop specialty products to serve niche markets. Traver IDC's breadth of experience servicing these niche markets bodes well going forward.

industries_medical.jpgProducts and services provided in this market include:

motor repair - rewind 40HP return air handler motor; overhaul 125HP chilled water pump motor; rewind 250HP compressor motor on a weekend rush breakdown basis.

contracting - install 200Amp feeder to injection molding machine; provide and install emergency power breakers and substation transformer; troubleshoot and repair water level transducers, controls and starters on washer.

supply - products provided to this industry sector include motors, variable frequency drives, MCC buckets, pad mounted gear and substation, safety switches, panelboards, LED exit signs and circuit breakers.

engineering - provide and install custom control system for overhead conveyor; modify and enhance existing safety circuits; perform detailed fuse audit and safety seminar.

energy conservation - install, startup and debug variable frequency drives on chilled water pumps extending the factory warranty to 3 years; provide and install LED exit signs; provide and install automatic power factor correction capacitor system.