metal fabrication

Ever since Waterbury was the Brass Center of the World, Traver IDC has been specializing in this market. The greater Waterbury area continues to lead in the metal stamping and screw machine segments of metal fabrication and the Bristol area is still home to more than 50 spring manufacturers. A large number of companies throughout CT specialize in the wire industry. Traver IDC services over 400 accounts in all of these metal fabrication market niches, here in CT. Metal fabrication is the 2nd largest manufacturing industry in the state of CT and employs over 127,000 workers.

Products and services provided in this market include:

motor repair - 700HP DC motor repaired on a rush basis; Dynamatic adjust-o-spede eddy current unit rewound on a rush breakdown basis; special brakemotor overhauled with new brake coils and brake leads installed; eyelet machine top shaft bearing fits metallized and turned true in lathe.

contracting - complete installation of multiple roof top fans including all necessary conduits and wiring; complete relocation of all equipment in entire department to alternate location within facility; electrical repairs as required to comply with OSHA requirements; install welder outlets; provide task lighting over press.

supply - products provided to this industry sector include transfer press tool safety controls (Jettron II), gear reducers, proximity sensors, magnetic starters, panel meters, emergency lighting, mechanical belt drives, eddy current drives, Nema 12 oiltight steel enclosures, variable speed pulleys and V belts.

engineering - design and build custom transfer press tool safety units that are plug and play replacements for the popular obsolete Gemtron unit; reprogram programmable logic controller to incorporate timing function on conveyor line; engineer and build custom control cabinets for Baird presses; provide infra-red testing throughout facility and make necessary repairs discovered as a result of the testing.

energy conservation - In 2007 alone, Traver IDC performed comprehensive turnkey energy upgrades for (6) customers in this market segment. We worked with CL&P to help these customers receive over $325,000 in rebates; over 60% of the total installed cost of these upgrades. The scope of work included installing 368 new light fixtures, 4129 lamps, 148 ballasts, 159 premium efficiency motors, 34 variable frequency drives, 22 TP1 compliant energy efficient distribution transformers, 119 occupancy sensors, and 62 flatscreen LCD computer monitors. These projects will save these customers over $1.7 million dollars in reduced energy costs. The projects also produce huge GREEN benefits resulting in over 16 million pounds of reduced carbon dioxide emissions and over 5700 tons of coal not burned.