water and waste water treatment

Traver IDC has accomplished tremendous growth in this market segment over the last several years. It is now our 2nd largest industry served. We have worked diligently to understand and cater to the unique needs of this industry at the 150 plus accounts we service. According to the World Water Council, residential water consumption will increase by 100% and industrial utilization by 33% by the year 2025. As the municipalities continue to outsource their water and wastewater treatment to several select companies in and around CT, Traver IDC continues to increase our capabilities to better serve these customers.

Products and services provided in this market include:

motor repair - 100HP vertical pump motor disassembled, cleaned, ball bearings and brushes replaced, rings turned true in lathe, windings baked out and reinsulated, unit assembled and tested on a rush breakdown basis; large sump pump overhauled including thrust bearings, pump seals, o-rings, and shaft metallized and turned true in lathe.

contracting - retrofit VFDs into motor control center at pump station; perform repairs to grit pumps; troubleshoot and replace pressure switch on air compressor; perform repairs and restoration of power after utility transformer failure.

supply - products provided to this industry sector include severe duty chemical processing induction motors, vertical pump motors, variable torque rated variable frequency drives, trap filters, brush grounding kits, and solid state starters.

engineering - provide preventative maintenance on (7) variable frequency drives in (3) separate locations for a single customer; build custom pump control panel and provide CAD drawings; provide laser alignment of motor and pump.

energy conservation - Provide numerous installations of variable frequency drives and premium efficiency motors replacing inefficient means of flow control on centrifugal pumps typically resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in energy savings and paybacks of less than 2 years.

A partial list of customers served include:

  • Aquarion Water
  • Greenwich WPCA
  • Metropolitan District
  • Operations Management
  • Veolia Water

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