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EASA Accredited Motor Repair Facility

AC & DC Motor Repair, Rewind, or Replacement, Servo Motor and Pump Repair

Traver IDC has been repairing and servicing electrical motors for over 80 years. Our highly skilled team of motor mechanics, machinists, and motor rewind specialists service motors through 1,000HP and up to 575V. We specialize in the repair and service of AC and DC servo motors, encoders, resolvers, and tachometers. We can diagnose any problem and provide a fast estimate. Most motors can be back to you within 3-5 business days. Rush and expedited services are also available. Contact Traver IDC today to arrange your motor repair service!


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The Industrial Motor Repair Experts

Our motor repair technical capabilities include the repair and service of AC motors, DC motors, DC generators, eddy current units of all manufacturers, gear reducers and gear motors, hoist pumps, welders, and many other types of mechanical equipment. Our outstanding quality and workmanship allow us to offer an unprecedented 2-year warranty on all rewinds - the best warranty in our industry.

In-House Capabilities To Solve Any Motor Challenge

Regardless of the type of motor or machinery, you bring in to us, you can expect the same level of expert service and support as when initially manufactured. Our in-house capabilities allow for rapid turnaround times and optimum quality assurance. The Traver IDC motor repair services include:

Traver_IDC-Motor-repair-icon--01.png Motor Repair

  • Assembly and Full Load Test

  • Bearings and Parts Replaced

  • Commutators Turned

  • Commutators Undercut

  • Dynamometer Load Testing

  • Electric Hoist Repairs

  • Housing Repairs

  • Sand Blasting

  • Steam Cleaning

  • U.L Recertification - Explosion Proof

  • Welders Repaired

Traver_IDC-Motor-repair-icon--02.pngMotor Rewind

  • Core Loss Testing

  • D.C Armatures Rewound

  • D.C Fields Rewound

  • Epoxy Coating

  • Special Coils Rewound

  • Stators Rewound

  • VPI Process

  • Windings Electronically Analyzed

Traver_IDC-Motor-repair-icon--03.png Machine Shop

  • Boring

  • Drilling

  • Grinding

  • Milling

  • Shaft Brazing

  • Shaft Metallizing

  • Turning

Traver_IDC-Motor-repair-icon--04.pngMechanical Services

  • Coupling Alignment

  • Gear Reducer Inspection

  • Machinery Inspection

  • Machinery Repair

  • Mechanical Motor Repair

  • Pump Repair

The Traver IDC Motor Repair Facility

Traver_IDC-Motor-repair-icon--09.pngFloor Space and Layout

  • 14,000 sq.ft.
  • Separation of Critical Tasks
  • Isolation of Dipping & Baking Rooms
  • Isolation of Winding Room

Traver_IDC-Motor-repair-icon--05.pngCrane Capacity

  • (14) Cranes and Hoists
  • Maximum Capacity - (2) Five Ton Cranes in our High Bay Area

Traver_IDC-Motor-repair-icon--06.pngDip Tanks (Two Dip Tanks)

  • Tank One Volume - 20" x 20" x 40" HI (65 Gallons)
  • Tank Two Volume - 44" x 56" x 32" HI (300 Gallons)
  • Material - Epoxy Varnish, Water Based
  • Manner of Impregnation - Preheat, Dip & Bake, VPI

Traver_IDC-Motor-repair-icon--07.pngOven Capacity

  • Burn Out Oven - 48" x 48" x 48"
  • Bake Oven #1 - 36" x 36" x 36"
  • Bake Oven #2 - 64" x 50" x 60"

Traver_IDC-Motor-repair-icon--08.pngAdditional Special Motor Repair Capabilities Include:

  • U.L Certified to repair hazardous area equipment (Explosion Proof)
  • Commutator Profiling
  • Servo Repair and Testing (All types and makes)
  • Core Loss Testing
  • Factory-Authorized Warranty Repair Center for GE, Baldor, and U.S. Motors
  • Polarization Index Test
  • Surge Comparison Winding Analysis
  • Inverter Duty Rated Magnet Wire used on all rewinds of 254 frame and above


What Our Motor Repair Clients Say

"On behalf of PPG Industries, I would personally like to thank you for the work performed on our ventilation system. The motor rebuild was completed quickly which allowed us to get the ventilation system up and running the least amount of downtime possible."

- W.F., PPG Industries


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