Company Rehires Employees After Layoffs

WATERBURY, Conn. - There is a brighter outlook for a company in Waterbury that was forced to let half of its staff go two months ago.

After nearly two decades in business, the economy became too much on Voltarc Technologies.

"I was devastated, I just made my 25th anniversary," said Voltarc employee Elaine Melendez.

Nearly have of the 125-member staff at the company, which produces light bulbs, was let go because of the struggling economy. The company president reorganized the company's debt and figured out a way to start rehiring -- only a few weeks after the layoffs.

"You do a lot of cost-saving, and cost-reduction, figuring out how to operate," President Joe Laudano said.

Laudano said he's so far been able to rehire half of those laid off. He said he hopes to have the rest of the staff back before the holidays or by the first of the year.